Federation of European Storytelling (FEST)

FEST is an international network of organisations, networks and associations active in the field of oral storytelling. FEST has 87 members in 25 different countries, who represent national, regional or local organisations like professional storytelling associations, festival organisers, storytelling training centres, local authorities, academies, colleges, universities, cultural centres or libraries, all with a special interest in oral storytelling.



  • FEST online forum. An exploration of the ways that sharing stories can give comfort in these difficult times, by focusing on concrete examples, coming from different directions and dealing with different groups.
  • Survey: Oral Storytelling in times of COVID-19.
  • QUARANTINE STORIES – Fight fear with CULTURE.“Quarantine Stories” is the reaction to the present time. It’s an act of free art and resilience by professional Storytellers who have lost their jobs due to the cancellation of all live events due to the COVID-19 International Emergency.
  • Open call for Corona Proof Oral Storytelling Projects.
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