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COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Expediting the Inevitable? Acquiring & Selling Indie Films during COVID-19

A film industry masterclass featuring Timo Suomi (AMP International) organised by Film & Media Department, School Of Arts, Oxford Brookes University.

The rise of international streamers, shortening cinema windows and the globalisation of talent was already a challenge for international sales agents during a normal year. With a pandemic now in the mix, many in the industry feel that the market has evolved five years within a year. 

How have European sales agents reacted to this? What kind of a future are some of them planning for? How does this impact the films they are looking to represent? And, ultimately, what does this mean for an independent filmmaker? Timo Suomi is the Senior Acquisitions and Development Executive for AMP International, a London-based international sales company that sells, produces, finances, markets and packages films by new and established filmmakers.

This talk is part of a series of virtual masterclasses by film and media practitioners, seeking to enable scholars and professionals in the field to share their experience and grow new partnerships. You can read more information and register to attend here.

Date & Time: Mon, February 15, 2021, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EET

Oxford Brooks University

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