Online events, webinars, conferences and actions of the sector happening all around Europe.

Cast Virtual Hackathon: The sustainable tourism challenge

CAST Virtual Hackathon aims to identify effective answers to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to the tourism sector.


United for a new future

The first opportunity since COVID-19 for a direct dialogue of the Cultural and Creative Sectors with Commissioner Gabriel, the European Parliament and the Council.


Season closing: Staying united as an international community

On the eve of an unusual summer break, IETM invites members and non-members to a season-closing online talk to assess how to keep supporting each other in the months ahead and start sketching the first lines of a new season that will, hopefully, herald a resilient future for the sector.


Neverthere @ Surge Festival

Neverthere is hosting a space within Surge Festival 2020 for experimental new digital projects. A window providing audiences with a glimpse of live performance, across the world, are innovating during this extraordinary time.


Webinar in Arabic: Preventive measures about COVID contamination in libraries

Guidelines for Reopening Libraries During the COVID-19 Pandemic.



“Ingegnarsi” event wanted to react to the covid 19 situation and to provide an alternative and resilient way to celebrate this important moment for the city by organising a 4-day on line event that has reached over 5.000 people.