Online events, webinars, conferences and actions of the sector happening all around Europe.

Presentation “I will be everything”-Creative Europe project

A webinar to introduce the Creative Europe project “I will be everything” to the culture sector.


EJN Webinars on the Covid-19 crisis

A series of public online webinars that EJN will run over the coming month A that deal with various aspects of the covid-19 crisis and its short and long-term effects on the creative music sector and all its stakeholders.


Art Will Save Us

An archive of contemporary art in times of crisis. Live – performances by contemporary artists.


PICE – Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture

PICE March Mobilty Grants – extended deadline until June 17th due to COVID19 emergency.


Virtual guided tours led by historic houses’ owners across Europe

Guided tours as a response to promote cultural heritage sites in these difficult times.  


PriFest – Prishtina International Film Festival 12th edition

The event will be hold in a modified way to fit the Covid 19 situation, but will still try to support the audience and filmmakers.