Online events, webinars, conferences and actions of the sector happening all around Europe.

Social Media for Creatives

Creating a successful online presence


Alter do Chão Film Festival, Brazil

Audiovisual workshops, lectures, production, culture and commitment to the real causes and desires of the inhabitants of the Amazon.


B2B Creative Industries European Union – Mexico 2021

The 2nd EU-Mexico Creative Industries Forum aims to identify business and collaboration opportunities between Mexican and European companies.

Rural + Urban Architecture: how Covid-19 has impacted how we live

Architect at the edge presents: “Rural + Urban Architecture. Frank Monahon (AATE), Alan Macilwraith (JCA) and Rae Moore (Atelier Rae).

Creating Community During Covid

This event brings together Boulder-based artists, writers, and performers to talk about how the pandemic has impacted and informed their recent work.


Good News: video recordings of the FLIPPING THE FUTURE Conference are now available on the Creative FLIP website

In its Final Conference, the Creative FLIP project showcased its experience and outputs of more than two years’ work on issues central to the CCSIs: Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting/IP.