European Commission to support the recovery of the music ecosystem

With a budget of €2.5million, the Commission launches a call for proposals: Music Moves Europe – “Innovative support scheme for a sustainable music ecosystem”.

The European music ecosystem belongs to one of the cultural segments that were hit the most by the corona crisis – with an unprecedented impact on the sector’s entire value chain and massive losses incurred.

The pandemic and the social distancing measures abruptly excluded all the possibilities for artists to perform live in front of an audience; venues closed down; rehearsals, new creations and artists-in-residence programmes have been made impossible. The crisis has shed light on a number of trends and challenges (e.g. digital distribution, greening of the industry) within the music ecosystem, some of which appeared already before the pandemic hit. The crisis’ significant short-term consequences for the sector have been addressed with emergency action and safety nets at different levels.

Read more information here.

Call for proposals.

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