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Οfficial EU announcements regarding the CCIs

Research4Committees Study

The Situation of Artists and Cultural Workers and the post-COVID-19 Cultural Recovery in the European Union – Background analysis.

Coronavirus: a common path to Europe’s safe re-opening

Ahead of the meeting of European leaders on 25 March, the Commission is calling on Member States to prepare for a coordinated approach to a gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions when the epidemiological situation will allow.

EIF and MVA to support Hungarian SMEs in culture and creative sector with €8.2 million

The European Investment Fund (EIF) and Magyar Vállalkozásfejlesztési Alapítvány (MVA) will provide €8.2 million (HUF 3000 million) to support Hungarian SMEs in the culture and creative sector sustain jobs and recover faster from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comic Art Europe | Summer Camp

Driven by Comic Art Europe and coordinated by Escola Joso Barcelona, this Summer Camp project seeks to help young creators take a major step towards becoming professional, receiving invaluable training in aspects of the comic industry that an academic or self-taught education tends not to take into account and that the profession demands.

Participants: ‘Status and Working Conditions of Artists and Cultural and Creative Professionals’

Voices of Culture is delighted to announce the 46 organizations participating in the structured dialogue on ‘Status and Working Conditions of Artists and Cultural and Creative Professionals’ with the European Commission. The selection process was implemented by the expert Joost Heinsius.

EP-CULT Committee | Cultural and creative sectors in post-COVID-19 Europe – crisis effects and policy recommendations

Cultural and creative sectors (CCS) have been hit hard by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study analyses the so far effects of the crisis on the CCS, as well as the policy responses that are formulated to support the sectors. Based on the analysis, policy recommendations are formulated to further improve the resilience of the CCS in Europe in the medium and longer term.