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EU culture ministers set signs of confidence

The EU's Council of Culture and Media Ministers met yesterday for the first time since the beginning of the corona pandemic more than a year ago physically in Brussels. The focus of the meeting was on the effects of the Corona crisis on culture and the media and the protection of cultural heritage.

The first face-to-face meeting in more than a year showed once again: no screen experience can replace the communal experience. For culture, this council meeting should be one thing above all else: a sign of confidence for the culture and creative industries that have been hit so hard.

At the EU Council meeting, Minister of State Grütters advocated the application of reduced VAT rates to the commercial art trade in EU law. It should also be examined whether tax benefits can be extended to other areas of culture, such as the trade in musical instruments and the VAT treatment of streaming offers of cultural events such as theater performances or concerts.

Monika Grütters: “The corona pandemic is a catastrophe for large areas of the cultural and creative industries. It would be a very good signal for the restart of our cultural life in the EU if reduced VAT rates were to apply to the commercial art trade under European law. That would give wings to the post-pandemic economic recovery. “

Further topics of the council meeting were the financing of the cultural heritage, the cultural capitals and ideas for a strategic cultural cooperation, for example in dealing with the Benin bronzes.

Minister of State of Culture and the Media

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