ESNS DEBATES; Live DMA presents Live Music Lockdown: Venues in Survival Mode

Representatives of music venues in different European regions, discuss the impact of the pandemic to the live music scene in their specific region, also sharing thoughts and insights on how to go forward to maintain a healthy live music scene.

Recent published research executed by the European association for music venues Live DMA shows the harsh reality of the impact of the pandemic. Only for the 2,600 venues and clubs part of the Live DMA network it means a staggering number of 664,000 artist performances cancelled this year alone. More than 53 million people not visiting a live show (a decline of 76%), leading to an estimated €1.2 billion loss of income during 2020. Fixed costs such as employment and housing remain, leaving clubs and venues with more expenses than revenues. As a result they fully rely on their own reserves, forcing them to execute necessary cutbacks and layoffs. This already led to the unemployment of thousands of workers, and more to follow.

Thursday 19 November, 19:00 CET

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Live DMA


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