Digital Studio Talk: Rethinking the stage!

The Un-Label Performing Arts Company was supposed to premiere three new international productions in May 2020 in Germany. Unfortunately, all the events had to be canceled due to the current Corona circumstances.

The productions  Re:constructionThe Little Prince and Gravity (and other attractions)  are the results of Creative Europe co-funded project ImPArt. They incorporate tools of accessibility as artistic-aesthetic elements, which on the one hand enable equal reception for everyone and on the other hand enrich the productions and become art themselves. More than 350 international artists, experts, and scientists with and without disabilities from seven countries were involved in this project, the worldwide first of its kind that structurally deals with the aesthetics of access.

A spontaneous reaction to the recent developments was the production of a digital studio talk that offers deep insights into the specific challenges, artistic possibilities, limitations, and chances of this new approach. During the talk, videos will give insights into the productions as well as the creative process and show statements of the artists involved. It is an online resource for anyone who wants to work more inclusive in the arts.

Watch the video here.

Un-Label Performing Arts Company

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