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Digital Identities | Storytelling commission open to digital artists

Documentation of artistic process

Digital Identities are looking to commission a digital artist for a storytelling commission between April and December 2022 to create a 6-part multimedia diary. This commission is open to bilingual (German-English) artists globally. The artists can be solo practitioners or part of a group. They actively encourage artists from working class backgrounds and minority communities to apply. The value of this 9 month commission is €18,000 (inclusive of VAT).

Between April – December 2022 they’ll introduce you to 14 socially-engaged cultural practitioners across Germany – from theatre to dance, visual arts to music. They want you to document their artistic process in a creative way.

You’ll engage with them virtually on a 1-2-1 basis via a platform of your choice. You may choose to interview them or ask them to send you audio-visual material to share their creative processes with you.

Between April and December 2022 you’ll create a six-part multimedia-diary based on your interactions with these practitioners. You’ll be working with audio, video, images and words (see below). As for tone of voice, they’re looking forward to working with someone who has similar values/traits as us – equal parts idealistic and cynical with GSOH.

For audio: You’ll have support from our in-house electroacoustic artist to create a soundtrack for your audio diary episodes. This can include sounds sent by the practitioners based on your questions or provocations. The audio will be shared online via Soundcloud.

For video: You’ll create videos that may include footage of your virtual conversations or any material you ask the practitioners to share. The aesthetic of these short videos is entirely up to you. The videos will be shared online on Youtube and through Instagram Reels.

For images: You’ll upload photography, drawings, stills and other images of the process, which may include work-in-progress, moodboards, creative inspiration and material sent by the practitioners. These images will be shared online via Instagram.

For visuals: You’ll work with our in-house comic artist to co-produce a script for them to develop comic strips. These strips will be shared online and may be printed. In print, the reader will be able to access audio and video via AR.

Key dates:
Submission Deadline: November 19, 2021
Interview with shortlisted candidates: December 3, 2021
Successful candidate notified: December 8, 2021

Find more information here.
Apply here.

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