DANCE STREAM OPEN CALL – TANZAHOi International Festival 2021

In the midst of theater restrictions and an unforeseeable end to a reduced-contact era in the arts, TANZAHOi International Dance and Dance Film Festival will bring outstanding international dance productions to Hamburg via livestream for the 2021 digital festival, 'Take Part in Another World'. Apply with your dance film to take part in a TANZAHOi 2021. 

After a successful live-streamed dance film festival in 2020, TANZAHOi wish to continue cultivating a digital platform for this year’s upcoming festival, streaming live performances from around the world in real time. They are interested in showing existing productions, but also in stimulating new productions conceived especially for TANZAHOi.

An interesting challenge of for-the-screen-adapted productions is the task of expanding the aesthetics of the audience’s limited view by, for example, directing attention to the camera work. Proposed works should be precisely choreographed, bringing a dynamic to the sequence that can only exist in the filmed-form, and should develop a unique audience experience compared to the live performance. The use of several cameras and film-angles should be considered. TANZAHOi would like to make a contribution to the further development of ‘livestream aesthetics’, as they see multimedia and hybrid productions as a sustainable future opportunity for the arts.

TANZAHOi will offer 4000€ to the selected productions to achieve the livestream of their work. Read more information and apply here. Application deadline is March 31st 2021 at 11:59 pm CET.

TANZAHOi is an international dance festival hosted for the first time in Hamburg in 2018 with the participation of over 100 international dancers and choreographers. These artists, though from all over, live and work locally, growing their creative roots in the city. Because of the diversity of the free scene, there is great interest to build up the intercultural dance opportunities that Hamburg has to offer.

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