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VII Meeting of Culture and Citizenship: "POSTCOVID CULTURE: 25 CHALLENGES"

Dates: October 13-15, 2021.
October 13 and 14: In person at Tabakalera Donostia + Online
October 15: Online
Place: Tabakalera Donostia

The VII Culture and Citizenship Meeting is organized thematically around the future and future of culture in the context of the post-pandemic crisis and the imagination and formulation of concrete proposals and alternatives for the future.

Some of the countless questions – there are many others – that arise could be: What new challenges and areas of action does the current situation open up for culture? What can-should be the role and contribution of culture and its institutions to health and care? How to join culture and sustainability? What responses are there to the inequalities, biases, gaps, risks imposed by the digital revolution that we are experiencing? How to reimagine urban and rural spaces in which to live together? What policies can serve to decentralize, reterritorialize and cross-sectoral cultural practices? Do we have to think of other ways to organize ourselves?

Key concepts and ideas

New functions of culture and culture / Well-being, care and mental health / Caring for the planet / Care institutions / Rethinking institutions-equipments-services / Institution and culture of proximity / Cooperation and mutual aid / Culture for a “good life”

Sustainability and its dimensions / Climate and ecological crisis / Agenda 2030 and SDG / Decarbonization / De-extractivisms / Green New Deal / Decrecentism, post-growth and alternatives to growth / Post-humanism and interspecies coexistence / Biodiversity / Bioeconomies and circular economy / (Eco) feminisms and other effects / Ecosocial transition / New European Bauhaus

Virtuality and participation / Digital divide, cultural divide / Neurocapitalism / Economies of attention / Disinformation, post-truth and populisms / Digital rights / Sovereignty, democracy and technological freedom / New – other publics / New formats, new needs / Digitization as a common good / Concentrate – Distribute / Experiment and design digital alternatives / Infrastructures of a critical, experimental or speculative nature

Towards new architectures-spaces for life and culture / Spatial justice / Urban transitions / Sustainable, inclusive and proximity cities / “15-minute city” / Mobility and common living spaces / Ruralizing minds and lives / Sustainable tourism / Spatial redesign of institutions: emerging models / Bioclimatic and sustainable solutions in cultural spaces / Culture in domestic spaces / Spaces of radical experimentation

Culture as an essential right / Rethinking times and priorities of cultural action / Decentralization and care of the territory / Relocation and cultural diversity / Commitment to the local / Reterritorialization / Deprecarization / Decolonialization and anti-racism / Resilient ecosystems of culture / How we organize ourselves / Networks of solidarity and support / Participation and inclusive governance.

Find more information here and register here.

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