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COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Covid Photo Museum

A virtual museum of COVID-19 photography.

The Covid Photo Museum is the world’s first virtual museum dedicated to the curation of photography captured during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the Covid Photo Museum is to capture a global perspective from the time of quarantine in 2019-2020.

The exhibitions are a curation from all perspectives across the world, including photographs both from known professional photographers, and everyday people.

As artists themselves, the creators of this museum aimed for it to function as a living and breathing time capsule of life in the time of quarantine – highlighting the many talented photographers who are able to capture a unique moment or perspective in a truly remarkable period of history.

There is no profit motive behind this project. It is a labor of love from a few friends who appreciate good photography and the importance of creating a historical record.

Submit your photo here, and visit the museum here.

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