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Coronavirus: a common path to Europe’s safe re-opening

Ahead of the meeting of European leaders on 25 March, the Commission is calling on Member States to prepare for a coordinated approach to a gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions when the epidemiological situation will allow.

In a Communication published on March 17th 2021, it charts the way ahead for a balanced policy and common EU approach, pointing to what we need to do to advance the time when we can recover our European way of life, and do so in a safe and sustainable way with control over the virus.

As stated in the Communication:

“Sharing once again the collective experience of cultural venues and events, heritage sites and cultural tourism will be one of the most visible signs of re-opening. It will also be essential for the survival of a cultural and creative economy that has been particularly badly affected by the restrictions imposed to control the pandemic.

This sector lost around 31% of its revenues in 2020, with performing arts (a drop of 90%) and music (a drop of 76%) being the most impacted. Again, a common approach and common indicators will help decisions to lift
restrictions by building confidence amongst audiences and visitors that opening is taking place in a responsible way. The Commission will use existing cooperation structures and networks to exchange information on the safe re-opening of the cultural sector.

In order to better coordinate Member States’ measures for the safe resumption of activities in the cultural and creative sector, the Commission will develop guidelines for sectors in the field of music (festivals, venues), audiovisual (film festivals and markets, cinemas, production sets), performing arts (festivals, venues), exhibition spaces such as museums or galleries, libraries, and cultural heritage sites.

Cultural tourism boosts growth and creates jobs, with four in ten tourists choosing their destination on the basis of the cultural offer. The Commission will launch a dedicated EU social media campaign on sustainable cultural tourism, aimed at promoting EU cultural heritage sites
and cultural routes, as well as cultural events and festivals. New initiatives will be backed up when conditions allow through Erasmus+ and its DiscoverEU action to promote the discovery by young people of Europe’s cultural heritage by rail, during and beyond the European Year of Rail.”

Read the Communication here. You can also read its press release here.

In June 2021, upon request by the European Council, the European Commission will publish a paper on the lessons learnt from the pandemic and the way towards a more resilient future.

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