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#ComputingAtHome: Digital Schoolhouse

A series of playful activities to help parents and carers teach their children about computing.

Digital Schoolhouse, part of Ukie (the trade association for the UK interactive entertainment industry), has launched #ComputingAtHome for parents and families during lockdown.

Each activity is designed to enable parents to support the delivery of computing by using offline resources that can be found within the home. A range of fun home activities can be found here. Digital Schoolhouse has also published an article on resources for parents and teachers to use at home.

To supplement these #ComputingAtHome activities, Digital Schoolhouse have also developed online workshops called Computing at home with Digital Schoolhouse via Twitch and YouTube. Each video will showcase a different Playful Computing activity. Parents will be able to follow along with their children.

A schedule of these workshops can be found here. 

Digital Schoolhouse

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