Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Spotlight Initiatives

This new feature of Creatives Unite aims to give further space
to the contributions that form it, by presenting the story behind them.
Every week we will take you deeper into the initiatives arisen
from the cultural and creative sectors due to the health crisis, in order to underline
the importance and power of solidarity as the greatest example of action.

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Renaissance Project by the European Theatre Convention

About Renaissance: Twenty-two ETC theatres, from 18 European countries, have drawn on philosophy, fantasy, and the strain of living under a pandemic to produce an original series of short drama films that are available to watch at home for free from 9 May 2021.

EU guidelines for the safe resumption of activities in the cultural and creative sectors – COVID 19

At a time when the epidemiological situation is improving and vaccination campaigns are speeding up, Member States are gradually reopening cultural venues and activities. Today’s guidelines aim to provide a coordinated approach across the EU, in line with the specific national, regional and local conditions.

Solidarity Sky | Interview

Solidarity Sky is a virtual community driven artwork with the aim of bringing people together through sharing personal images of the sky. Creatives Unite sat down with its creators, Luke Conroy and Anne Fehres, to get more insight into this unique project.