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Caixa de Ressonància [SOUNDBOX] – Mutual Support Musical Network

Caixa de Ressonància (CDR), or “Soundbox” in English, is an ethical platform for the exchange of musical experiences and online activities: songs, concerts, classes, conversations, meetings, workshops, talks and exclusive content.

In an attempt to make the best of the COVID19 emergency situation , hundreds of artists have decided to make the quarantine more bearable by offering live concerts through various social networks, streaming platforms, even playing for their neighbours from their windows and balconies. The network welcomes and encourages all types of music, artists, collectives and communities whose work is related to music somehow. Its aim is to disseminate new creative works, connecting music with the public via the internet in an ethical and sustainable manner.

CDR is an alternative to traditional streaming services: it is non-profit, recommends the use of open source digital channels, follows a code of ethical digital practices and advocates a direct and “horizontal” relationship between artists and fans. CDR proposes a unique, private and exclusive experience between creative content providers (artists) and end users (fans).

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