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COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

#BetterMusicCities campaign

Global music policy leaders Sound Diplomacy launch the #BetterMusicCities campaign - a call to action to ensure music is at the heart of recovery in cities around the world.

The #BetterMusicCities Plan Is:

  1. Put Artists To Work: Incentivise Creation From Crisis
  2. Convert Creativity Into Community Investment Vehicles
  3. Create a City Music Registry
  4. Start A Cultural Infrastructure Plan
  5. Create Emergency Preparedness Plans (Venue, Event, City-wide)
  6. Ensure Music, Arts and Culture Language Is Included In Policy Frameworks
  7. Commit to Genre Agnosticism
  8. Plan and Develop a Night Time Economy Policy
  9. Set-Up City-Wide Artist Compensation Policies, Music Liaison Services & Fair Play Schemes

These examples will support cities to better leverage their music economies – from artists to education, venues to local scenes – to create more inclusive, prosperous music communities as we move towards recovery. To do so, it is required intentional policy that includes musicians and music representatives in discussions around recovery and resilience. Doing so will create #BetterMusicCities.

Read more information here.

Sound Diplomacy

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