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Audience Insights Conference Wales

This May, The Audience Agency presents a free-to-attend National Insights Conference in collaboration with Arts Council of Wales. Places can be booked for the whole conference programme, day passes, or for individual sessions.

12 May, 10.30am | Before Covid: Overview of Audiences in Wales

An introduction to The Audience’s Agency’s Audience Finder dataset, combining survey and ticketing data from nearly 50 cultural organisations across Wales. This session will offer an overview of pre-Covid engagement with organisations in Wales.

12 May, 1.15pm | Audience Finder 2.0 BETA: The Future of Insight in Wales

This session offers an introduction to The Audience Agency’s next generation data-driven insight tool – Audience Finder 2.0 BETA. This new bilingual platform includes features specifically developed for users in Wales, alongside a host of new insight features developed for the UK sector by a process of user-led design.

12 May, 3.30pm | Panel Discussion: Audience Focussed Return to Touring

A discussion about the future of touring and audiences in Wales, exploring the legacy of Covid, turning digital success into physical success and the new challenges and opportunities that some of Wales’ leading producing companies and venues foresee. With Liam Evans-Ford (Theatr Clwyd), Rhian Hughes (National Theatre Wales) and Matt Carwardine-Palmer (Formally Welsh National Opera). 

12 May, 3:30pm | Drop in sessions
These one-to-one sessions are a great opportunity to chat to our team about how we can support your organisation’s specific needs. Whether you need help understanding your audiences more generally, or with planning for an upcoming project or reopening, our team are on hand to help.

13 May, 10:15am | In the time of Covid: Audiences In Wales
Key findings from Covid studies which have tracked the impact of the pandemic on audience engagement in Wales, including The Audience Agency’s Covid Cultural Participation Monitor and Digital Audience Survey.

13 May, 11.45am | Conference Connections
Join us and other delegates for a memorable experience. An opportunity to unwind after the sessions so far and connect with event attendees and speakers.

13 May, 1.15pm | Digital for Growing your Audiences
Explore how to embed digital activity into your audience development and marketing strategy as part of your re-opening planning.

13 May, 2:30pm | Panel Discussion: Filling in the Blanks – Welsh Language Audiences
This panel discussion explores what we know and, perhaps more importantly, what we don’t know about audiences of Welsh language work and about Welsh language proficiency amongst wider audiences. Joined by a panel of some of Wales’ best established Welsh language producers and receiving venues, we’ll explore our understanding to date around this audience group and how future research could help to inform audience development going forward.

13 May, 4.15pm | What’s Next?: Audiences in Wales
This final keynote brings together thinking from across the two days, exploring what the impact of Covid means for audiences of the future. Drawing on the datasets discussed in the previous sessions, we’ll explore implications and forecast potential future audience trends the sector in Wales may need to respond to.

You can book your free conference here.

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