Assomusica – Italian Association of Organizers and Producers of Live Music Shows

Assomusica is the association of live music shows producers and organizers. The association has more then one hundred members all over the country covering the 80% of live concerts in Italy. Since the foundation of Assomusica, its associates have promoted thousands of concerts and events with the presence of millions of viewers. At the same time, the association organizes events, shows and production initiatives useful for supporting the association aims and improving the quality of the shows.


  • COVID-19 and the musical sector crisis. The need for a targeted intervention to save a supply chain. 10 proposals to save music in Italy. Read more here.
  • A list of scheduled events that have been canceled due to COVID-19 with details by each individual organizer. Read more here.
  • After the interval – A Survey on the impact of the COVID-19 emergency on live events.

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