Asia Connection: Producers Camp 2021

The National Theater & Concert Hall (NTCH) seeks to join hands with cultural institutions from elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay , the National Theater of Korea and the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. This will develop regional productions and professional producers, so building a powerful Asian creative network through art.

With the rise of its economies and culture in the 21st century, Asia is receiving more attention globally. In the coming post-pandemic era, it is crucial that performing arts producers, venues, and institutions come together in collaboration and develop channels through which they can creatively voice their respective cultures, shape individual creative vocabularies, and construct an Asian cultural identity.

During this three-year training program, NTCH hopes to build a strong and lasting Asia Connection production network-a co-production eco-system within the Asia-Pacific region-and strengthen productions’ potential to be seen by audiences internationally.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, in-person activities originally slated for the 2021 inaugural Producers Camp have been rescheduled to take place online on Tuesday through Thursday evenings over three consecutive weeks, from 31 August to 16 September.

Through the workshops, participating producers will enhance their ability to engage and actively communicate with creators and jointly develop a production. Acclaimed international producers, venue operators, and artists will be invited as mentors.

The three core directions of the workshop are to: 1. Enhance narrative abilities and artistic communication skills; 2. Deepen understanding of the current international performing arts market; 3. Strengthen international coproduction experience and strategic market planning.

Candidate qualifications: performing arts producers in the Asian-Pacific region with at least 5 years of production experience; able to communicate in English; experience in international co-productions preferred.

15 participants will be selected, of which 4 will be recommended by partner institutions, the rest chosen from open applications. (An additional 5 applicants will be chosen as reserves.) Applications must be reviewed and accepted before applicants can participate.

You can read more information here. Application deadline: 21 April, 2021.

The NTCH (National Theater & Concert Hall) is a sophisticated international arts center in Taiwan. It is also one of the iconic contemporary theaters in Asia.

Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, National Theater of Korea, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

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