Artists Together / Artiști Împreună

Artists Together is a movement that mobilises Romanian artists in the fight against Covid-19.

Artists Together is an initiative by Cluj Cultural Centre and the Romanian Health Observatory, which mobilises Romanian artists in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mission of the movement is to engage art and artists in an effort to raise public awareness in Romania on relevant topics related to the state of emergency generated by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to contribute to informing the general public about factual data in the context of the current situation.

The platform currently includes around 50 works by artists across Romanian working in various media (visual arts, sound, video, theatre, literature, photography). The works have been produced as a response to the first call we launched, focused on three themes: #responsibility #together #heroes. Subsequently, the movement will serve other important collective causes for society at large.

Find more information here.

Cluj Cultural Centre

Romanian Health Observatory

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