Voices of Culture brings the green transition at the European level.

Culture and Creative Sectors driving the green transition and energy crisis: civil society cultural experts publish a new report under Voices of Culture structured dialogue with the European Commission.

By Creatives Unite Community.
October 03, 2023

Cultural experts analysed ways and opportunities for accelerating green transition and addressing energy crisis through cultural and creative sectors and industries, and published the Brainstorming Report ‘Culture and Creative Sectors and Industries driving Green Transition and facing the Energy Crisis’ now available - Voices of Culture.

Their insights and findings shall inspire policies and initiatives, at European level and within EU member states, to address decarbonisation of cultural activities as well as practices to lead green transformations through the crucial contribution of culture to tackle climate change and big environmental challenges.

Three main areas for action were addressed by more than 30 experts affiliated to cultural associations, NGOs, and other bodies, who worked together in the framework of Voices of Culture, the Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sectors.

The three identified areas where culture should have a central place in policies targeting the green deal and sustainability goals are:

  • the power of culture and creativity to inspire change by creating new imaginaries; their potential for embedding sustainability in other industries;
  • cultural sectors and industries’ capacity to lead strong narratives and role-model progress towards a greener society;
  • translating the role of culture, as an instigator and enabler of change, into more interconnected policies leveraging the power of culture and creativity.

This work builds on a number of recent initiatives undertaken by the European Commission as regards the role of culture in current and future processes for the green transformation of society.

Previous reports and studies included: