The Municipal Market of Kypseli celebrates the multicultural side of Athens

The Municipal Market of Kypseli is a joint project between the Municipality of Athens and Impact Hub Athens.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
February 13, 2023

The Municipal Market of Kypseli is a social project of  transformation turning a municipal area  into a community-based open and free space for everyday cultural and creative engagement, cultural celebrations and artistic productions.

One of the activities of the project is Ethnofests, a festival that celebrates the plurality of the area’s multicultural nature inviting communities to present local products, ethnic and folk fashion and fashion shows, handmade traditional products, memorabilia and authentic food.

Ethnofests attempt to give colour to the neighbourhood and foster co-creation among the people of Kypseli’s neighbourhood. They come to life in collaboration with diverse ethnic groups of Kypseli, who live, act and represent part of the Athenian nest. In those markets, a different ethnic community at times presents its culture, customs and traditions by bringing over hand made products and decorations as well as its traditional know-how through a handful of workshops.

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