The Green Book is a sustainability manual aiming to change theatre practices

The Green Book for sustainable theatre brings ways to improve the sustainability of theatre buildings, operations and productions in order to generate a new theatrical reality.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
October 02, 2023

Climate crisis is a living reality. From the temperature rising to the uncontrolable rainfalls of the past years, it's becoming clear that every sector needs to address sustainable methods and incorporate green practices to the way they function.

The cultural and creative sector couldn't stay out of a major change in the context of climate action. That's how the Theatre Green Book was born. The Green Book is an initiative by the whole of theatre – working with sustainability experts Buro Happold – to work more sustainably. The Book is divided into three volumes and sets standards for making productions sustainably, making theatre buildings sustainable, and improving operations like catering and front of house.

The Green Book aims to become a key lead into the future of sustainability and brings three main points into discussion with clear and coherent solutions. Sustainable productions buildings and operations.

The Green Book took into consideration the results of the 2023 Act Green survey, showing that 77% of audiences think cultural organisations have a responsibility to influence society to make radical change in response to the climate emergency.

The developed plan includes a guide on how insulation, efficiency, renewables, biodiversity and less use of water develop more sustainable buildings. The research goes even further into how to manage the building, waste and transportation, go digital instead of using paper for ticketing and communication and even how to organise a sustainable catering for productions.

Each smaller and bigger detail can create an impact and the cultural and creative sector is ready to make a big step into establishing green and sustainable practices that will lead an example for more sectors and industries to follow.

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