The Close-Up - The Wideshot Programme

Calling early-career, minority, and ethnically diverse content producers/directors in Ireland! Apply for The Close-Up's media training program will upskill 8 participants.

By Creatives Unite Community
April 22, 2024
The Close-Up, as the expansion of GORM's The Wideshot Programme, is a targeted media training specifically tailored for early-career, minority, and ethnically diverse content producers/directors in Ireland. 

The focus is upskilling 8 participants through 8 interactive and deep sessions on practical and inspiring multi-platform media production led by industry experts. 

This will provide them with necessary expert-led training and mentorship on getting their stories on wider national and international screens and providing avenues for idea story cross-pollination. 

The Close-Up shows an awareness of the evolving needs of the industry and a commitment to providing relevant and impactful training specifically for diverse communities.

Intermediate-level experience in media production is required.
A clear understanding and commitment to what you hope to gain.
No age restrictions.
Applicants from ethnically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 
Willing to travel to Dublin for workshops.
 "Intermediate level" media experience means you have a solid understanding of the basic concepts and tools involved in media production, but you may still be refining your skills or expanding your knowledge in specific areas. 

DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 24th at 5 p.m. 
You can find and fill up the form: Here