The Chair Project revives tradition through crafts

The CHAIR Project is reviving traditional crafts for local development.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
February 09, 2023

The peninsula of Salling in Denmark was once the manufacturing site of 80% of the Danish-produced furniture and hosted around 70 furniture factories. During the years the area faced an extreme decrease of factories, resulting in a rapid depopulation, with young people struggling to find employment opportunities.

The CHAIR Project managed to revive the local tradition of chair production, using the existing infrastructure (furniture factories) to create a sustainable platform for crafts and design which creates new jobs and brings life into the area. The project also creates a meeting place for all ages, contributing to community building and participation.

The resulting chairs designed and upcycled by international artists, designers and architects were exhibited in museums. The project aims to expand through European collaboration, focusing on traditions and the inclusion of working with professionals and semi professionals, locals and designers.

Through the project young people are mentored by experienced craftsmen/women, allowing the transmission of traditional skills across generations. Unemployed people acquire new skills and self-confidence to access or return to the job market. The initiative strengthens the businesses of the woodworkers and carpenters involved in the area and fosters cooperation with local furniture factories and cultural institutions. The CHAIR Project promotes community building and social cohesion by gathering the locals around shared artistic projects.

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