Show your support: Contribute to make art not war in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation wrote a letter about the recent missile attack at Kyiv's leading academy of arts and asks for support to restore the damage.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
April 04, 2024

On Monday the 25th of March the Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy, one of Ukraine’s leading academies of art and design sustained serious damage from a Russian missile strike in Kyiv.

The Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts, founded in 1938, holds a pivotal role in nation-building and shaping the identity of Ukrainian art. Initially, it was as a school of masters in the territory of Lavra, Kyiv specialised school of applied art and afterwards an art and industry college. The Academy was named after Mykhailo Boichuk, the outstanding artist and founder of the Ukrainian school of monumental art. As a modern national educational and cultural institution, it stands as one of the leading universities in Ukraine, where art education is rooted in the preservation, development, and promotion of the national cultural heritage and its integration into contemporary artistic works.

Right after the attack people rushed at the area to save the remaining pieces of art. Students, teachers and graduates of the academy posted dramatic images of toppled, crushed and miraculously spared sculptures, mosaics, paintings and icons on social media.

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation solicits support and donations of artistic materials to benefit the Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts.

Currently, 717 students are enrolled in the Academy, whose mission is to ensure high-quality art education.

The Foundation is looking for help in providing artistic materials to facilitate the restoration and the continuation of educational activities at the academy. The Foundation wrote a letter outlining the urgent requirement for aid in rebuilding and revitalizing the institution.

The cultural and creative sector of Ukraine asks for donations and disseminating their message to potential contributors. Any contribution on ceramic and painting material would be a valuable help to restore the damaged artwork.

Support the reconstruction of the Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts by making a donation:

Provided account:
KDADPMD to them. M. Boychuka
01014, m. Kyiv , st M. Boychuka, 32;
Code YEDRPOU 21598958;
MFO 820172 at DKSU m. Kyiv , 2502010.

Or through Monobank

Read the Foundation's letter and the requested material for donations here

Photos by Suspilne Culture