Russian air strikes hit the Odesa Fine Arts Museum and port.

Russian missile strikes injured at least eight people and damaged Odesa's Fine Arts Museum in southern Ukraine late on Sunday night

By Creatives Unite Newsroom.
November 07, 2023
The attack targeted the Black Sea port's infrastructure but also hit the museum, one of Odesa's most culturally significant buildings. Photos show shattered windows, cracked walls and debris inside the neoclassical 19th-century building.

No artworks are reported damaged and no one inside the museum was hurt. But around 20 residential buildings and over two dozen cars were impacted, the Interior Ministry said.

Odesa governor Oleh Kiper said warehouses and vehicles carrying grain also caught fire after being struck. The city is a major exporter of Ukrainian grain.

The museum celebrated its 124th anniversary on November 6th, the day of the attack. UNESCO, which designated Odesa's historic centre as a World Heritage Site in January, condemned the strike.

The organization noted this is not the first time Russia targeted Odesa's cultural institutions since invading Ukraine in February. The Transfiguration Cathedral and buildings considered architecturally significant have also been hit.

Ukraine says over 800 cultural heritage sites have been damaged since the war began. Museums across the country, including Odesa's Fine Arts Museum, have sent their collections to more secure locations.