Pushing for a stronger cultural role in Horizon Europe 2028-2034

Culture Action Europe advocates for a significant and visible role of culture, arts, and humanities in the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2028-2034 (FP10).


By Creatives Unite Newsroom
July 01, 2024
With a current budget of approximately 93 billion euros, Horizon Europe ranks as one of the largest EU funding programmes and has a dedicated cluster ‘Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society.’

Currently, the EU is strategising the future direction of the next Horizon. The European Commission’s Expert Group on the Interim Evaluation of Horizon Europe, chaired by Manuel Heitor, will provide strategic recommendations on maximising the impact of the EU Research and Innovation Programme. Furthermore, the Commission is expected to submit its proposal regarding the next Multiannual Financial Framework 2028-2034 (the EU’s seven-year budget, which also includes suggestions on FP10) by mid-next year.

In light of this, Culture Action Europe is addressing the European institutions with several considerations for shaping the programme post-2027:

Maintain a separate cluster dedicated to culture, creativity, and inclusive society (or similar) as part of FP10 and strengthen the integration of social sciences, humanities and arts in the structure of FP10 and EU research and innovation policies.

Increase the budget for social sciences, humanities, and arts within FP10.

Recognise the epistemic value of artistic research, which can take the form of artistic practices, in line with the Frascati Manual and Vienna Declaration.

Reduce the prescriptiveness of calls to offer flexibility and accommodate various research methodologies.

As the preparation process for the next Multiannual Financial Framework 2028-2034 unfolds, Culture Action Europe remains open to further discussions with stakeholders from both EU institutions and the cultural sector regarding the role of culture in FP10.

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