Labour mobility and social security challenges for artists

The EC-funded MoveS network (Free Movement and Social Security Coordination) organises a webinar on 'Labour mobility and social security challenges for artists' on Friday 7 June 2024

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
June 03, 2024
The professional status and precarious working conditions of cultural and creative workers and in particular of ‘artists’ have been of considerable concern to EU policymakers and stakeholders for many years, turning it at present into a high policy priority. In this respect, the European Parliament called in November 2023 for the adoption of an EU framework for improving the professional status and working conditions of ‘Artists’.

The framework would contain a Directive on decent working conditions of the cultural and creative sector professionals and correct determination of their employment status, the setting-up of an EU platform to improve the mutual learning among Member States on the working and social security conditions of culture and creative workers, and the adaptation of the EU programmes funding artists.

In this context of growing interest in the topic, the MoveS webinar will be an occasion to discuss further the main challenges artists face when they try to enjoy their right to free movement and which challenges involve coordinating their social security rights.

Date and time: Friday 7 June, 10:00 - 12:30 (CEST)

Speakers: Karol Muszynski, Warsaw University (Poland), Jean Philippe Lhernould, University of Poitiers (France), Dearbhal Murphy (FIA, FIM and UNI MEI (EAEA)) and Anita Debaere (Pearle*- Live Performance Europe)

Language: English

Practicalities: The webinar will take place via Zoom meetings

Registration: If you wish to participate in this webinar, please register here (external link)