IETM invites you to take a stand towards policies on climate justice

Register for IETM´s yearly policy event on climate justice and the performing arts.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
January 24, 2024

IETM´s yearly policy event will focus on Climate Justice and the performing arts, and will draw knowledge from the recently released publication under the same title.

Jordi Baltà Portolès, one of the publication’s two authors will be the main speaker of the event.

During the webinar, participants can expect:

A welcome word and presentation of IETM's publication Climate Justice - Through the Creative Lens of the Performing Arts by Jordi Portolès.

Inspirational additions from the three moderators of each regional Focus Group discussion which contributed towards the main research frame of the publication, drawing up on knowledge from Asia, Southern Africa and Latin America. You can find out more information about each moderator on the Speakers page.

First insights into IETM's vision of a green cultural policy, taken from IETM member's brainstorming during the IETM Focus Luxembourg Meeting in November 2023.

IETM´s new research on climate justice will serve as the main focal point of the event and will focus together on how the performing arts can - and should - pay more attention to the implications, responsibilities and artistic opportunities of climate justice.

This research reflects and explores various aspects of climate justice, offers an overview of current literature and shares examples and practices from different contexts through a worldwide peer to peer consultation. The research drew from the key takeaways and discussions of three regional focus groups which took place across the course of 2023 in Southern Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Event: 25 January 2024, online

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