EUNIC | Open Call for Cultural Relations & Climate Action.

EUNIC announced an open call on cultural relations and climate action about shaping the evolution of cultural relations practice and its role in sustainability.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom.
October 16, 2023

How can EUNIC take collective action and further mainstream climate action in the community of cultural relations practitioners gathered through EUNIC? What ambitious criteria and tools for environmental sustainability should be applied to the specific nature of our work? What are the key global advocacy moments where culture and cultural relations need to be more present in terms of the post 2030 Development agenda? What role must we play in enabling the global creative climate movement to thrive?

In order to find practical answers to these questions, EUNIC is commissioning a piece of work on the role of cultural relations for climate action that will pool, structure and advance existing resources from the network and support the development of more ambitious practical instruments for working in the field of cultural relations, climate and environment.

Objectives of the call

  • Raise awareness among practitioners of cultural relations within the EUNIC network of the importance of an intersectional and holistic understanding of culture’s role for climate action.
  • Identify key actors in the creative climate movement and develop specific recommendations and approaches of how EUNIC members can best enable these actors and raise the visibility and impact of their work.
  • Map key advocacy moments and initiatives and propose coordinated ways for EUNIC members to engage and to ensure a stronger voice and recognition of the role and responsibilities of culture and cultural relations within the context of the SDG review and post 2030 development agenda.
  • Building on existing resources, compile and develop concrete criteria and key performance indicators for implementation for EUNIC and its members to initiate a behavioral change, resulting in more environmentally sustainable cultural relations practices, both within their organisations as well as in their outwards facing global programmes in relation to climate action. These criteria and performance indicators should be bespoke and specific to the actions of cultural institutes.
  • Identify and elaborate case studies of successful (and unsuccessful) projects and initiatives dedicated to climate action through cultural relations.

Outcomes developed should be interactive and engaging tools, advice and materials to support cultural institutes to concretely mainstream effective approaches to climate action and achieve the UN SDGs. Additionally, interactive ways to learn from and share projects and initiatives amongst the wider network of EUNIC members should be developed.

Who can apply?

EUNIC is looking for an expert, or group of experts, with international experience in the field of cultural relations and climate action. The expert(s) should have good knowledge of the work of the wider climate movement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the global operating environment of cultural institutes, as well as experience (or knowledge and awareness) of EUNIC and its members.

Deadline: 13 November 2023

Find more information and apply here