Culture Moves Europe supports Ukrainian artists

Culture Moves Europe offers special mobility options for the artists of Ukraine.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
December 01, 2022

Culture Moves Europe offers the opportunity to Ukrainian artists to apply for two different mobility options, based on the crisis the country is currently facing. The two following options include physical and virtual mobility, depending on the needs of the applying artist.

  • Option 1: physical mobility from and to Ukraine is possible. The budget and mobility rules applies (duration, daily and travel allowance, top-ups).
  • Option 2: virtual mobility


Applicants with a partner based in a Creative Europe Country, partnering online with a partner based in Ukraine.
Applicants based in Ukraine partnering with someone based in another Creative Europe country.
In both cases, the budget will be calculated with a daily allowance of 35 EUR. There will not be any travel allowance nor top-ups.

The mobility scheme is still ongoing and waiting for more participants to share their experiences with the artistic world!

You can read more information about the Culture Moves Europe Open Call here.