Celebrating four years of the Europavox project

Since 2020, the Europavox project, supported by the Creative Europe programme, has explored the rich musical diversity of Europe. Over four years, 360 artists from 40 different countries were selected and introduced to international audiences through 16 festivals organized in 7 European countries. 

By Creatives Unite Community
July 01, 2024
Europavox Project project supported by the Creative Europe programme, will complete another four-year development cycle in development. That means four years of discoveries and passion shared within the seven partners of this unique and collaborative support system for the emerging European music scene: Botanique (BE), Control Club (RO), Estragon Club (IT), Europavox (FR), INmusic (HR), Loftas (LT) and WUK (AT). It is now time to share the impacts of this large-scale cooperation project. 

Since 2020, Europavox has explored some amazing European musical diversity, selecting 360 artists from 40 countries, singing in 33 languages, to introduce them widely to international audiences.

The project has curated and hosted 16 festivals in 7 different countries, welcoming over 100,000 festival goers, and creating vibrant spaces for celebrating diversity and artistic expression.

Our media outlet, europavox.com, the first online magazine dedicated to European music, has played a significant role in Europavox's mission. Gathering a unique team of 20 journalists from all over Europe, this website has proposed hundreds of original content, and reached a global audience of 53M music lovers, in Europe and beyond.

Last but not least, the Europavox Grand Jury selected 37 Bands of the Month, all artists benefitting from a set of live and online special actions (playing at festivals, receiving an export Money Prize and participating in audiovisual Sessions in association with ARTE…).

The Europavox project wouldn’t have been possible without the solid, passionate, and engaged community that has grown over the years: project partners, journalists, artists and their entourage… They have all shared with us their feelings and memories about this special project.

We’re especially proud of sharing them with you today, along with the Europavox project achievements we have all built together for the last four years. Check the project results and discover the people behind them: https://www.europavox.com/project-results/