British Council | Spotlight on Culture UK/France 2024 Fund

The programme Spotlight on Culture UK/France 2024 - Together We Imagine, led by the British Council France, will be a celebration of Franco-British artistic co-creation and cultural partnerships.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
August 22, 2023

Marking the 80th anniversary of the British Council in France, Spotlight on Culture UK/France will take place between April and October 2024, providing new opportunities for cultural organisations and artists to collaborate and contribute to the people-to-people links between neighbouring countries.

The £155k fund is designed to spark new and refresh existing connections between Northern Ireland, Scotland and France, supporting collaborations that build long-term relationships between artists, creative practitioners, and arts and cultural organisations. The fund will be delivered by the British Council in partnership with Creative Scotland.

Open to organisations working in the field of arts and culture, cultural and creative industries, applications must be a partnership between at least one organisation in Northern Ireland OR Scotland and one in France. A project need not include partners from both Northern Ireland and Scotland simultaneously although projects involving both Northern Ireland and Scotland in France are welcome.

The British Council will be awarding a maximum of 3 grants of £30k and several smaller grants of between £5-10k to project teams in Northern Ireland, Scotland or France to collaborate on creative projects.

Deadline: 08 September 2023

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