A Guide to Help Agencies Tackle Greenwashing

Global NGO Creatives for Climate has launched a free first-of-its-kind guide, ‘The Anti-Greenwash Guide for Agency Leaders,’ to help agency leaders respond to the ever-growing regulatory changes against greenwashing at an Ethical Agency Summit in Amsterdam last week.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
June 18, 2024
The 30-page guide is designed to be an interactive and comprehensive document containing essential guidelines and practical advice to help leaders navigate the complex landscape of sustainable marketing to tackle greenwashing, understand the limits of the law and take steps to transform to drive positive action.

The release of the guide follows the news last week of UN Secretary-General António Guterres questioning the integrity of the advertising and PR industries for having “aided and abetted” the fossil fuel industry by greenwashing in “massive ad campaigns” at his ‘Moment of Truth Special Address on Climate Action’ in New York City.

It covers the latest in regulatory frameworks, helpful tips to implement at the agency level to move away from inadvertent greenwashing (including a pull-out ‘How Not to Greenwash’ checklist), and principles to guide agencies on their path away from misleading and unsubstantiated claims in communications campaigns.

There is also a mix of settled and active case studies of greenwashing from marketing campaigns of global brands such as Primark, Unilever, Oatly, and HSBC, as well as positive examples of how to drive change at scale.

Find out more and download the guide here