And Oh Those Eyes That Were Data-Saturated

An online project initiated by visual artist Leontios Toumpouris and the Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission in the UK.

In a data-saturated Covid-19 era, artists seek channels and methods of communication to share their interests and practice within an atmosphere of growing precariousness and postponement. And oh those eyes that were data-saturated (D-S) creates circumstances of self-curation with a format that facilitates dialogue between 24 Cypriot artists and the sharing of their research, informed by ideas of relevance, presence and process.

Three artists will be posting material related to their current research interests weekly, before inviting the artists who will succeed them, in a chain of participation and exchange. The project will unfold in three parallel directions, revealing various degrees of correlation and correspondence between the participants and their practice. Writer Argyro Nicolaou and artist Marina Kassianidou are invited to respond to the project’s objectives and its process of development.

Find more information here.

The D-S project is organised by the Cyprus High Commission in the UK – Cultural Section and supported by the Cultural Services – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth of Cyprus and the Cyprus Visual Artists Association (EI.KA).

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