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An Exploration in Foreign Language Film Distribution Models in COVID-19

A film industries masterclass featuring Hiu Man Chan (UK-China Film Collab) hosted by Oxford Brooks University. This masterclass will use a recent online film festival, Chinese Cinema Season, as a case study, to explore opportunities, issues and challenges in digital film distribution during COVID-19, in particular, when it comes to foreign language films in the UK and Europe.

What is the reaction from sales agent when it comes to licensing rights? What are the most common issues with existing platforms? What type of challenges and new opportunities can be found in the new approaches to programming? How can non-profit efforts intervene into film distribution and exhibition for a cross-cultural programme and what are the potential funding opportunities? This masterclass will also imagine the future of audience engagement with foreign language films.

Dr Hiu Man Chan is Lecturer in Creative and Cultural Industries at De Montfort University. Her research and consultancy specialise in film relations between the UK, EU and China. She is founder and director of UK-China Film Collab, the most active not-for-profit organisation with this particular advocacy. She is a hybrid type of academic with 15 years’ experience in the film industry and an alumna of Oxford Brookes University.

You can read more information about the event and register here. Date & Time: Tue, March 9, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EET

This talk is part of a series of virtual masterclasses by film and media practitioners, seeking to enable scholars and professionals in the field to share their experience and grow new partnerships. The series forms part of a strand within the newly established Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network (CIRIN) at Oxford Brookes University, which responds to the need for increased attention to the role of the creative industries in social, political and economic terms.

Each instalment of the series will seek to highlight current work undertaken in the field and suggest opportunities for growth and collaboration, while necessarily acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 crisis from across multiple perspectives within the sector.

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