Acclaimed Director and FERA Honorary President Agnieszka Holland shares her thoughts on the future of independent cinema amid the COVID-19 pandemic

A new deal for European independent filmmaking.

It’s going to take time to coax audiences back into theatres. The amount of money generated at the box office is going to be far smaller for some years, if not forever, and this will have a profound impact on film finance. The level of production is bound to drop and the scope of the films being made will also be reduced. It will be difficult to finance films that are not destined for streaming platforms or cables.

That’s why it’s essential that those making profits from this situation and our work, whether they’re VOD players or streaming platforms, make a contribution right now and support local audiovisual ecosystems throughout the long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without independent films, even when the streamers have their own production pipelines, they cannot make enough to fulfil their needs.

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Photo ©: Marlene Film Production


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