weRculture campaign

An initiative where artists and creative workers from UNESCO Creative Cities Network respond to global crisis with video messages.

Disruptive Fridays

Disruption Network Lab launched a new programme stream – DISRUPTIVE FRIDAYS, live every Friday at 5pm Berlin time, where ideas for creative solutions and resistance to the isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, were shared. What are the strategies to keep working with art and culture when our contexts of sharing are so limited? What can we all learn from this situation to generate new forms of collective care?

gigmit – The Online Live Music and Event Booking platform is an event database and booking management tool for live music professionals that covers the entire booking process from first contact all the way to the deal. The platform transforms a very time-consuming process into a transparent and simplified online procedure. The intelligent matching algorithm of gigmit is designed to help artists find better gig opportunities and promoters to find the perfect artist for their event.

Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft eV

The Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft eV was founded in 1976 and is the platform for cultural-political discourses in theory and practice in Germany. It stands for the principle “cultural policy is social policy” and is a party-politically independent nationwide association for the promotion of education, science and research in the fields of art, culture and cultural policy.

Digital Studio Talk: Rethinking the stage!

The Un-Label Performing Arts Company was supposed to premiere three new international productions in May 2020 in Germany. Unfortunately, all the events had to be canceled due to the current Corona circumstances.


VAUNET is the leading organisation for audiovisual media in Germany. The fields of business in which its 150 member companies operate are highly varied, ranging from TV and radio to internet and streaming offerings. VAUNET represents the interests of the commercial audiovisual industry, which is one of the largest business sectors in Germany. The aim of VAUNET trade association is to create acceptance for the economic concerns of audiovisual media and raise awareness of the major sociopolitical and cultural significance of this industry in the digital age.

Future Vision Makers Lab for Media Innovators

A three-day story lab -CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?- helps screenwriters, games designers and XR-creators design plausible and thrilling post-COVID future scenarios as the basis for new media projects.

Coronacrisis: German architects look into the future with concern

The Federal Chamber of German Architects and the Federal Chamber of German Engineers conducted an online survey among all self-employed members of the chambers of architects and engineers of the federal states to understand the impact of the current crisis on the profession.

Fast Mover: Paid Content

Financial support to solutions for sustainable revenue models and new diversification strategies that emerged during the crisis.

Art Will Save Us

An archive of contemporary art in times of crisis. Live – performances by contemporary artists.

European Creative Lab

Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM – a collective of artists – moved its activities from analogue to digital and launched the ‘European Creative Lab’ with partners and friends from all over Europe.

Digital Storytelling Workshop

A physical workshop on digital storytelling that was supposed to be held in Berlin, has been transformed into a free online workshop due to the pandemic COVID-19.