Museum digital initiatives during the Coronavirus Pandemic

This map aims to show the digital initiatives undertaken by museums during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is part of a broader research project on the impact of COVID-19 on museum digital strategies being developed by Dr Chiara Zuanni at the University of Graz.


Pearle* urges EU and its Member States to take scientific evidence into account and open up the live performance sector to audiences.

Museum of Embraces and Encounters: PHYSICALLY DISTANCED HUGS

When was the last time you hugged someone? For the Goethe-Institut’s online video project “Museum of Embraces and Encounters”, artists from all over the world talk about moments of meeting and intimacy, but also of an encounter with a criminal. A collection of stories about embraces: as an expression of close encounters, but also as a symbol of reconciliation, of overcoming opposites. The stories are told by artists from all parts of the world.

ÆFLUENTS: Production and investigation residency

ÆFLUENTS is looking for innovative projects which can bring forth thought and discourse around themes of territory, water, the effects of the current pandemic on society, social sustainability, contemporary interpretations of the rural world and art as a tool for symbolic production and social change.

NEMO publishes detailed overview of museum reopenings in Europe

NEMO has gathered information about museum reopenings and closures from 31 European countries. The overview lists details about reopenings, political and sector communication as well as hygiene measures. The overview is accompanied by a NEMO statement calling for museums to reopen and get support to stay open.

EP-CULT Committee | Cultural and creative sectors in post-COVID-19 Europe – crisis effects and policy recommendations

Cultural and creative sectors (CCS) have been hit hard by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study analyses the so far effects of the crisis on the CCS, as well as the policy responses that are formulated to support the sectors. Based on the analysis, policy recommendations are formulated to further improve the resilience of the CCS in Europe in the medium and longer term.

Back to the Future – Making Events Post-Pandemic

Will we party post-pandemic? How will that transform our venues and programmes? And how will we define that very collective experience we call events? Join this Trans Europe Halles session to get inspired, hopeful, and ready to act.

Registration open for NEMO Webinar on future of museums

NEMO invites you to a free webinar where Ece Özdil, Jüniör, will guide you in the search for meaning during the pandemic and a time when the role and relevance of museums are questioned. By presenting museum trends and related design methods, she will help the participants reflect on a meaningful future for museums.

Perform Europe Survey

Perform Europe supports experiments to make touring of performing arts works in Creative Europe countries more sustainable and inclusive. The ultimate goal of Perform Europe is to design a future support scheme for cross-border touring and digital distribution of the performing arts.

Meet the Innovators: Brave New World

The pandemic has changed the fashion landscape, limiting manual processes and physical meetups — but it has also created new opportunities in other areas. Find out more and learn how Fashion for Good is helping to shape a brave new world for fashion during and after COVID, through this online event.


International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation has launched an online platform to support and promote musicians by broadcasting videos of their performances.


An introduction into 13 EU programmes and their funding opportunities for the Cultural and Creative sector, published by the Creative Europe Desk Kultur (DE).