European Writers’ Council (EWC)

The European Writers’ Council is the federation of 41 national organisations of professional writers and translators in 27 countries including the EU, as well as Belarus, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Montenegro, altogether writing in 31 languages. The EWC defends the professional interests of its members in economic, legal and political contexts, their right to remuneration and compensation for their works, their relevance in cultural and social policy, freedom of expression, freedom of association, and the importance of lesser spoken and written languages.

Literary art Diary

Literary art Diary is a creative initiative that links cultural institutions with creatives to rethink culture as an open space without limits.


“Ingegnarsi” event wanted to react to the covid 19 situation and to provide an alternative and resilient way to celebrate this important moment for the city by organising a 4-day on line event that has reached over 5.000 people.

Centre For Creativity – Discussion about potentials and crisis in CCS in Slovenia

At the launch of the most extensive survey of the cultural and creative sector in Slovenia which included 35,212 individuals working in creative professions and 24,062 registered organisational units in the field of creative activity, in the period between 2008 and 2017, Czk organised a discussion on the importance of the creative sector in Slovenia and its position in the pandemic.


MaskSign is a project that was born with the intention of collectively combining knowledge, energy and helping each other and society as a whole.

“Solidarni s kulturo”

“Solidarni s kulturo” is a solidarity Campaign, which collects donations and financial aid for the most socially disadvantaged cultural workers during the coronavirus epidemic, and was developed as one of the projects of the informal group “Helping the Self-Employed in Culture during Covid-19”.

Europa Nostra Digital Agora

Born as a creative response to the confinement and physical distancing implemented to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, this virtual platform aims at sharing and promoting digital best practices related to culture and cultural heritage from across Europe and the world.

EU Council Presidency: Member States COVID measures for CCS

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU has been gathering information about specific national and European measures put in place on the national level in order to support cultural and creative sectors.


Yourope was founded in 1998, and has evolved into the most important Association of European Festivals. Besides discussing trade topics and sharing best practices with its 90 festivals and associated members, Yourope has founded dedicated groups dealing with health & safety (YES Group), green operations (GO Group) and marketing & communication (EMAC Group). The overall aim of the association is to collaborate, share experiences and to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a joint approach.