Bristol Green Capital | Creative Commission Opportunity

Bristol Green Capital Partnership would like to commission a creative(s) to explore the theme of just transition as part of our Community Climate Action Project.

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
July 31, 2023

The importance of a ‘just transition’ is increasingly gaining traction. It recognises that climate action and social justice are interlinked and need to be tackled together. As Bristol (the UK and the World) continues to decarbonise, significant efforts need to be made to ensure this happens in a way that improves rather than worsens existing inequalities. Bristol Green Capital Partnership believes the transition to net zero could be a once in a generation opportunity to tackle systemic inequalities and improve the quality of life for people locally and globally.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership and the Community Climate Action Project partners believe creativity has an important role to play in making conversations around climate relevant to people and their lives. Artists have an ability to engage the public with climate and social issues in new and different ways and creativity has the power to inspire more and more diverse people about climate and nature action and climate justice.

The just transition creative commission comprises two elements:

  • Engagement with diverse communities across the city on the theme of just transition to codevelop ideas and content.
  • Development of new, dynamic creative content on the theme of just transition which is sharable and has the ability to engage and inspire the wider Bristol community.

The aims of the creative commission are to:

  • Help make the theme of just transition more accessible / relevant / relatable to a broad audience.
  • Be rooted in / connect with local audiences in Bristol (especially those who haven’t traditionally been involved in climate activism).
  • Connect more, and more diverse, people with the climate and climate justice conversation.
  • Develop engaging creative content on the theme of just transition which can be shared widely through Bristol Green Capital Partnership and partner comms channels for ongoing impact.
  • Provide an opportunity for diverse local creatives to engage with the theme of just transition.
  • Enthuse, inspire and motivate climate and nature action within diverse communities.
  • Positively engage audiences with climate and nature issues on a more creative/emotional level (we’d like this work to look and feel quite different to more traditional climate engagement).

The commission can be delivered through any form of creative practice providing it fulfils the brief and is accessible to diverse audiences.

Commission fee: £10.000 – to cover all elements of commission delivery including engagement, development, production, artists fees, communications. There is separate budget available for those with specific access needs.

Deadline: 06 September 2023

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