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U(R)TOPIAS Academy of Choreography: Open Call to Artists

The U(R)TOPIAS Academy of Choreography aims to start a collaboration with early-career professional choreographers, who are interested in cultivating their skills in the field of composition and choreography.

The application period starts on July 28 and ends on August 22, 2021.

As part of the Moving Europe program by Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture, the Aerites Dance Company inaugurates the first ever Academy of Choreography in Greece, U(R)TOPIAS and announces an Open Call to interested artists who wish to expand their creativity and knowledge in the art of choreography. Through a two-year program of rehearsals and creative workshops with renowned choreographers and art professionals, from Greece and abroad, participants will have the opportunity to develop their synthetic skills and create their own site-specific choreography, presenting it to the general public in 2023, as part of the programme of Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture.

The Moving Europe program by Eleusis 2023 is focused on youth and dance, creating a dialogue between Greek and foreign artists. The aim of the program is to create a distinctly unique activity in the field of dance, cultivating a field of dance art that is not developed in Greece, to support the creation of new and emerging choreographers and to cultivate a new audience for dance, centered in the city of Elefsina. 

The duration of participation in the U(R)TOPIAS Academy of Choreography is two (2) years and it includes seminars with renowned artists from Greece and abroad, intensive workshops and presentations of personal works by artists / young creators in the premises of the Academy and in the public space of Elefsina. Fifteen (15) artists will be selected to participate in the first year of the Academy and six (6) of them will continue the preparation of choreographies in the 2nd year, at the end of which they will be invited to present their own choreographic work, with a duration of 15 minutes, in public space of Elefsina.

Find more information here.

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