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The situation of artists and the cultural recovery in the EU

European Parliament resolution of 20 October 2021 on the situation of artists and the cultural recovery in the EU.

Please read the full report here.

Decisions and suggestions of the European Parliament resolution include:

The EP highlights that the CCSI are the first sectors to be hit by the pandemic, were the most severely hit and have been the last to recover, while, given the restrictions in capacity of cultural events and venues, the CCSI’s recovery is expected to be even slower; underlines that the recovery of the CCSI must go hand in hand with the transition towards the sustainability of the sector; calls on the Commission and the Member States to support the short-term recovery of the whole cultural ecosystem and to bolster the resilience, competitiveness and innovation of the CCSI in the long term, and to reinforce these sectors by providing fair and structured support to all, especially the most vulnerable actors, and foster employment opportunities for artists, authors, performers, cultural workers and cultural mediation professionals by supporting cooperation across disciplinary domains, as well as to ensure comprehensive monitoring of the socio-economic situation in the CCSI with the help of the European Framework for working conditions, in order to tackle any major crises as effectively as possible in the future and to accompany their digital and green transitions;

The EP underlines that any action taken to help the CCSI in their recovery should not only be aimed at economic recovery, but also be used for the improvement of the working conditions of artists and cultural professionals, for the up- and reskilling of those workers to enable them to engage in the digital era and world, and for investment into the green innovation power of the CCSI, which are a driver of sustainability, as well as early adopters and enablers of the disruptive technologies needed to tackle climate change; stresses the challenges imposed by digitalisation on the CCSI and therefore the need for the constant rethinking and reshaping of business models in order to develop market-driven solutions based on big data, cloud computing, ICT, artificial intelligence and the strong role of internet platforms; underlines the importance for European CCSI rights holders of access to, and transparency of, audience data and content recommendation systems; emphasises, therefore, the importance of guaranteed funding for the digitisation, preservation and online availability of cultural and creative content and our European cultural heritage;

The EP calls on the Commission and the Member States to gather and share reliable data on best practices and methods for distributing aid to the CCSI; calls, furthermore, for the exchange of best practices on the most efficient ways to distribute recovery funding in the short and mid-term, in order to ensure maximum coverage of the CCSI, so that no artist or cultural worker is left behind;

The EP underlines the importance of remuneration for authors and performers online and offline, specifically through the promotion of collective bargaining;

The EP calls on the Commission to continuously monitor the CCSI with regular studies on the situation of artists for the purpose of having accurate, reliable, updated and sector-specific data at European level in order to design solid policy-making, as well as to improve mapping of the CCSI and be better prepared in the event of future crises;

The EP welcomes the fact that during the crisis many cultural ecosystems of workers and organisations adapted to new digital distribution formats, adopting innovative ways of reaching their audience; points out nevertheless that digital engagement should not replace cultural experiences in person;

The EP encourages the promotion of the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence so that artists can explore new ways to create and disseminate their work and benefit more from the opportunities that the digital environment offers; Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council and the Commission.

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