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THE CITY: Artistic Image & Social Practice in times of global change | CALL

Ten artists from Russia and Europe are invited to participate in a virtual residency project organized by EUNIC in St. Petersburg, Russia´s „cultural capital“.

These days, more than half of the planet´s population lives in cities. Whatever the future holds: The way we will live tomorrow will largely depend on how city life is changing today and how it will develop in times of global crises. Artists are among those who sense those changes very clearly. They transform their vision into “images”, and at times work in social or participatory formats in the midst of our societies. What does their visual practise look like, and what can be learned from their social practise?

These questions will guide a collaborative digital exhibition to be prepared on the basis of a virtual residency, the “Virtual Artists´ Assembly” (VITAA). VITAA, along with the exhibition-to-be, will be curated by Anastasia Patsey who manages the SPAR project and who is part of the curatorial team at the artists-run space “Puschkinskay 10”.

Application is open for artists acquainted with “digital art” from any field of the arts residing in the Netherlands, in Denmark, in Germany, in France, in Finland, in Italy and in the Russian Federation. The project is co-financed by the EUNIC GLOBAL Cluster Fund (Bruxelles), by the Consulate General of the Netherlands, the Danish Cultural Institute, the Goethe-Institut, the Institut Francais, the Finnish Institute and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura (in St. Petersburg). – A good working knowledge of English will be indispensable. (No intepretation provided.)

Read more information and apply here. You can send your application not later than 19 March 2021. The residency period is 17 May until 25 June 2021. Digital exhibition: 9 July 2021 – 30 September 2021.


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