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COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Sector: Performing Arts

Emerging Artists’ Residency @ SparkFest

Neverthere and Bath Spa Productions are offering free places for Emerging Artists workshop to explore how digital technologies can be harnessed in the making of live performance in this digital residency.

Panel Discussion: Reopening Theatres

On 11 June 2020, the European Theatre Convention hosted this international discussion between artists, directors and key stakeholders of the theatre sector.

Organisations and initiatives

Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute

The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute deals with documentation, promotion and animation of Polish theatrical life. It supports educational projects, research, and acts as publisher. The Institute manages the largest archive of theatre related documents in Poland, maintains a library, houses a specialist bookshop PROSPERO, and runs a theatre studio where presentations are open to the public.

Organisations and initiatives

European Dancehouse Network (EDN)

EDN is a network for trust and cooperation between European dancehouses sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders.

Season closing: Staying united as an international community

On the eve of an unusual summer break, IETM invites members and non-members to a season-closing online talk to assess how to keep supporting each other in the months ahead and start sketching the first lines of a new season that will, hopefully, herald a resilient future for the sector.


Neverthere @ Surge Festival

Neverthere is hosting a space within Surge Festival 2020 for experimental new digital projects. A window providing audiences with a glimpse of live performance, across the world, are innovating during this extraordinary time.

Stories / Good practices

Digital Studio Talk: Rethinking the stage!

The Un-Label Performing Arts Company was supposed to premiere three new international productions in May 2020 in Germany. Unfortunately, all the events had to be canceled due to the current Corona circumstances.

Stories / Good practices

Literary art Diary

Literary art Diary is a creative initiative that links cultural institutions with creatives to rethink culture as an open space without limits.



“Ingegnarsi” event wanted to react to the covid 19 situation and to provide an alternative and resilient way to celebrate this important moment for the city by organising a 4-day on line event that has reached over 5.000 people.

Advocacy Initiatives

Art in times of Coronavirus

A project called Žalike2030 was created as an artistic response to the current COVID-19-crisis, out of which an Art Manifesto arose.

Organisations and initiatives


Yourope was founded in 1998, and has evolved into the most important Association of European Festivals. Besides discussing trade topics and sharing best practices with its 90 festivals and associated members, Yourope has founded dedicated groups dealing with health & safety (YES Group), green operations (GO Group) and marketing & communication (EMAC Group). The overall aim of the association is to collaborate, share experiences and to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a joint approach.

Organisations and initiatives

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag)

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is Europe’s main conference and showcase festival, focusing on European music. The exchange of European music is one of its main goals. ESNS is a non-profit, European artist only, 100% showcase festival and music conference. Selling out each year ESNS attracts over 4.000 professional delegates, including 400 international festivals, and showcases around 350 European artists for over 40.000 visitors total.

Organisations and initiatives

European Music Exporters Exchange (EMME)

EMEE is a non-profit association made up of 24 national and regional Music Export offices from all over Europe, with its registered office based in Brussels. We pull together a mix of public and private funding to support European musicians, music companies and music professionals in their export strategies. EMEE’s mission is to strengthen the European Music Sector by encouraging musical diversity, visibility, and supporting mobility in and outside Europe through the exchange of information and expertise from the members as well as project initiatives between members and/or other music industry organisations.

Organisations and initiatives

Tallinn Music Week (TMW)

Held each spring in Tallinn, Estonia since 2009, Tallinn Music Week is one of the most acclaimed new music and city culture festivals and key networking events for music and creative industry professionals across Europe. TMW’s core is an international new music festival and Creative Impact conference. The 3-day music festival presents brave new multi-genre acts from all over Europe and beyond in Tallinn’s best concert venues. The 2-day conference looks into the impact of arts as an engine for the economy while offering both inspiration and practical activities to music professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and policymakers from different areas. The festival’s side events cover art, design, public talks and various urban space activities.

Stories / Good practices

Stories to start over (Racconti per Ricominciare)

Stories to start over (Racconti per Ricominciare), the performing arts project that was born with the aim of helping the cultural and theatre sectors by encouraging the population to overcome the Covid-19 isolation and fear. 


Towards Vivencia Summer Intensive

Towards Vivencia contributes with its expertise in online training to help all the artists who are stoically enduring the necessary restrictions imposed worldwide.


A virtual festival of digital performance and a supportive space for artists & organisations to research how their practice can be delivered online.

Stories / Good practices

Art Will Save Us

An archive of contemporary art in times of crisis. Live – performances by contemporary artists.

Tools & Resources

IMZ Special News: Music + Dance in time of COVID-19

A page that gathers all the information about the latest live streams, donation campaigns and multiple activities that bring music + dance directly to our homes and support the performing arts and cultural sector.