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Food heritage: A Strong Asset for Europe’s Recovery

Slow Food and Europa Nostra launched a joint policy brief on food heritage, to demonstrate the links between food and culture, and to enjoin the EU institutions to better safeguard this intangible heritage, as it constitutes a strong social, economic, and environmental asset for Europe’s post Covid-19 recovery.

Food is an essential part of culture. Not only is it a vital human necessity, it is also an ancestral fine art praised around the world. Describing cultural heritage without local food products and culinary traditions would neither be fair nor exhaustive, as they are prominent open windows to local customs. However, this strong bond between food and culture which defines food heritage, has been fragilized over the last decades, due to the standardization of food by global supply chains. It urgently needs to be better protected, especially as it has a key role to play in the shift towards sustainable food production and consumption needed to address today’s key societal challenges.

Find more information and the policy brief here.

Europa Nostra

Slow Food

“Food is Culture” project

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