FIM Recommendations for a safe return to work of orchestra musicians

The covid-19 outbreak has led governments to close all live performance venues and prohibit open-air concerts as soon as their countries were hit by the pandemic. Three months later, these measures have brought the music sector to its knees. Where financial support has been made available for musicians, orchestras or ensembles, it is generally limited in size, scope and duration. In many cases, musicians are not eligible to any support.

There is a common desire of musicians, employers and audiences to re-open concert halls as soon as possible, to allow the artistic activity to resume. Depending on the national situation, such re-opening may be gradually permitted as the pandemic starts to recede, but it requires the adoption, implementation and enforcement of adequate safety measures in order to protect musicians against the risks arising from possible exposure to the sars-cov‑2 as they return to work.

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International Federation of Musicians

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