Online events, webinars, conferences and actions of the sector happening all around Europe.

Dundee Urban Forum: Creative City & Covid-19

The Dundee Urban Forum is a research event exploring the impact of Covid-19 on the City’s Creative Economies and policy.


The Future of skills in the CCI: models for identifying & addressing skills mismatches, policy, developments and recommendations

This event is organized by EU|BIC Associate VVA under the FLIP project, which aims to define and test policies and actions for sustaining and developing cultural and creative industries (CCIs), and to generate cross-sectoral benefits and spill-overs in the different areas and sectors with which creative and cultural industries interface.


China to celebrate International Museum Day 2021 with various activities

The year 2021’s International Museum Day is themed on “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine,” which aims to share ideas on how museums should face and adapt to the multiple challenges during the pandemic and actively explore new directions and models for museum development in the future.


2021 ENCATC Academy on Cultural Relations | 12 – 14 May 2021

ENCATC Academy on Cultural Relations: was designed for the first time in 2012 to prepare academics, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, artists and students to deal with challenges in cultural relations and diplomacy. It is meant to offer an intense learning experience with a mixed methodology including lectures and seminars and enhance with experts from the field.


The 4th UNESCO-UNITWIN Symposium – ARTS EDUCATION IN AND THROUGH A TIME OF CRISIS : How arts education can contribute to resolving today’s challenges

Today’s world faces unprecedented crises: climate change, COVID-19, social diversity and equity issues no matter where we are. As research in arts education has demonstrated
the social value, impact and role of arts education in various ways, UNESCO-UNITWIN Symposium gathers artists and scholars to discuss how principles and practices of arts education can contribute
profoundly to resolving the social and cultural challenges facing today’s world, as stated in the
Seoul Agenda’s development goal no.3.

United Kingdom

5G Festival – Plans unveiled for world’s first 5G powered, immersive hybrid festival experience

The pandemic may have changed the habits and appetites of consumers for the long term, as audiences increasingly look for remote, digital and blended experiences. 5G Festival imagines the “festival of the future” when artists and audiences can gather and connect both in person and online, with the power of 5G to communicate the “live-ness” of the experience wherever you are.